Wednesday, September 9, 2009


With every heart beat I love you

my love for you can light up the sky better than lighting on a stormy night

when I hear your voice my lungs take a break when I see your face my heart works overtime you bring a smile upon my face everytime I even get a mirco picture of you in mind

when I wake in the morning my first thought is not of you but for you


ask God to bless you and when my eyes fall shut at night I thank God for letting one of the greatest men walk on this earth and love me. Your touch so loving every second away fom you is a second sadly spent

my love will never disapper or dissolve for I love you from this world to the next

No, you cant love me I use to think love had no real meaning it is just a word,but how is it before you said it i could feel it, hear in your voice and see it in your eyes before the words left your lips you had my heart and was apart of my soul

I never wanted to tell a guy I loved him first till I met you, but you beat me to the punch I remember the first time you said I love you because my heart felt complete
sometimes my emotions are to hot to handled even Gambit would burn his hands if he played with my deck of cards

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