Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Your on my mind

The things I have my mind start and end with the thoughts of you
you please my body in every way , but you break my heart in so many ways
your temper scares me
your bad habits anger me
your family gets on my nerves
your smile warms my soul
your laugh lights up my day
your kiss drives me crazy
the words that level your mouth makes me second guess choosing you to be my man
your actions confirm that maybe you and me should not be an us that your feels and mine should stay in the past with the good and the bad times we shared
I try to kiss you goodbye but you fight kiss me hello
Where do I go from here

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Way Back To My Heart

I want to know I can trust you

I want to know your words can be supported by your actions

I want to let you in and one day make love

but first you most find the way back to my heart

I can see that there is love there but I don't want those words those three words those three life changing words to leave your mouth and enter my ears before i make sure you complete understand what the words mean

I think you can find your way back to my heart but it will take time

how much time are you going to put in to find the path ?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wrapped In Your Arms

Til the sun raises and the moon comes out to shine with the starts

I want to be wrapped in your arms

have your heart beat dance with mine

I want to be wrapped in your arms

fall asleep and wake in the same position would be the best sleep

beauitful dreams I have when I'm wrapped in your arms BABY

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Forget the first time we saw each other forget the first day you called me

forget first time you asked me out forget our first date

forget our first kiss forget when you held me in your arms

forget our first Holidays we spent togther forget our first dance

forget our bithdays our gifts forget the times we played video games

forget that sick shout I made on that NBA LIVE Game forget our plans

forget our past


you can't forget the love you had for me if it was ever there in the first place

I didnt forget the love I had for you becuase real love you don't forget

I just learned how to let go


With every heart beat I love you

my love for you can light up the sky better than lighting on a stormy night

when I hear your voice my lungs take a break when I see your face my heart works overtime you bring a smile upon my face everytime I even get a mirco picture of you in mind

when I wake in the morning my first thought is not of you but for you


ask God to bless you and when my eyes fall shut at night I thank God for letting one of the greatest men walk on this earth and love me. Your touch so loving every second away fom you is a second sadly spent

my love will never disapper or dissolve for I love you from this world to the next

No, you cant love me I use to think love had no real meaning it is just a word,but how is it before you said it i could feel it, hear in your voice and see it in your eyes before the words left your lips you had my heart and was apart of my soul

I never wanted to tell a guy I loved him first till I met you, but you beat me to the punch I remember the first time you said I love you because my heart felt complete
sometimes my emotions are to hot to handled even Gambit would burn his hands if he played with my deck of cards

The sweetest man

In heaven
I'm in when I look into the sweetest mans eyes
feel the touch so soft as if a feather
a hand was laid upon me
the kisses from lips so tender and smooth
and to be held in arms so strong and loving
In heaven I'm in when I look into the sweetest mans eyes
Body so tight and hard as a blue diamond heart shaped ring
delicious as chocolate straight from the chocolate tree
comments so kind that an angles voice whispers in my ear as you speak
In heaven I'm in when I look into the sweetest mans eyes
He says he love me.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


When my tears stop falling I start praying..

That is how i say goodbye

gone since Saturday 1-19-08

I no longer hear a voice

have a hug

have a kiss on my cheek

No more will i ever have it from you again

but I can still see your face

and smell your home cooked food

I look at the picture of you and I when I was born

you held me third

my mommy told me so

I miss you so much and I miss D as well

You both always made me laugh and loved me so

to say goodbye

is UN-thinkable

I try to fix my month to say good-bye

face to face and out loud

but my heart and my mind is still dazed

I love you both very much

I don't understand why your gone


I do know your in a better place and together again