Saturday, August 29, 2009


When my tears stop falling I start praying..

That is how i say goodbye

gone since Saturday 1-19-08

I no longer hear a voice

have a hug

have a kiss on my cheek

No more will i ever have it from you again

but I can still see your face

and smell your home cooked food

I look at the picture of you and I when I was born

you held me third

my mommy told me so

I miss you so much and I miss D as well

You both always made me laugh and loved me so

to say goodbye

is UN-thinkable

I try to fix my month to say good-bye

face to face and out loud

but my heart and my mind is still dazed

I love you both very much

I don't understand why your gone


I do know your in a better place and together again


Friday, August 28, 2009

My wish

My wish is someone not just anyone but someone real

someone that loves me because I'm part of them

someone that would dance with me at my birthday party

and on my wedding day

someone to say that I 'am daddy's little girl

someone that I could give a Fathers Day gift to.....

I wish

I didn't want to cry

I wish my dad was still alive

I wish my heart could realize that I will never know a father so maybe it would stop waiting for someone to come

and say

don't worry sweetie daddy's here dry your eyes

I wish I wish I wish

my father was still alive

RIP Garfield Hardy

March 13,1969-Jan 19,1993